DinoSsr is an experimental work in progress and subject to change!

Routes are .svelte files nested inside the routes directory.

Routes can export a pattern to extend the pathname using the URL Pattern API.

For example:

routes/ Pattern export URL pathname
index.svelte   /
about.svelte   /about
docs/index.svelte   /docs/
docs/routing.svelte / /docs/routing/
blog/index.svelte /:slug/ /blog/hello-world/
blog/(post)/index.svelte /:year(\\d+)/:month(\\d+)/:slug/ /blog/2023/11/hello-world/

Trailing slashes are controlled by using an index.svelte page or by exporting a pattern ending with a slash.

Using parentheses around a directory name removes it from the URL pathname.

Patterns are exported from the Svelte component module script.

<script context="module">
  export const pattern = '/:year(\d+)/:month(\d+)/:slug/';

For JavaScript routes see advanced routes. Auto-generated routes are compiled and bundled just-in-time. If you need large 3rd party libraries use middleware instead.