DinoSsr is an experimental work in progress and subject to change!

Middleware can be added to DinoSsr by attaching VelociRouter handles to the internal router after initiating the server.


router.use will attach the handle before any auto-generated routes.

dinossr.router.use(({request, response}) => {
  const pattern = new URLPattern('/api/:id/', request.url);
  const match = pattern.exec(request.url);
  if (match && request.method === 'GET') {
    return Response.json({id: match.pathname.groups.id});

All requests will pass through a use handle.


Other methods like router.get require a pattern. These handles are attached after all auto-generated routes.

dinossr.router.get('/api/*', ({response}) => {
  try {
    response.headers.set('x-api-version', '1.0');
  } catch { /* No response or immutable headers */ }

See the VelociRouter documentation for usage.

Middleware is ideal for:

  • Setting up the context data objects
  • Handling API endpoints and POST requests
  • Anything that requires large 3rd party libraries

middleware is never bundled.