DinoSsr is an experimental work in progress and subject to change!

DinoSsr is a Deno server-side web framework built upon VelociRouter.

The router takes a Request and passes it through all matching handles before serving the final Response.

How it works

When the server launches it automatically scans the project directory.

Router handles are generated for:

  1. Direct path routes for files in static/
  2. Dynamic path routes built with Svelte in routes/

Static files use serveFile from the Deno Standard Library to create the initial Response. Svelte routes are compiled and bundled just-in-time to render their Response wrapped in app.html.

Router magic ✨

Unlike other routers VelociRouter allows you to chain handles. You can do things like modify the Response HTML body after Svelte templates are rendered. Or even add database API endpoints running on the same server with middleware.

And more...

Although DinoSsr is primarily server-side its Island components can be rehydrated in the browser.